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Simultaneous interpreting for event held in Singapore in Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese for Rare Cancers Australia

Japanese interpreting support and cultural training for Cox Architecture

Japanese interpreting support for Kansai Management Executive Study Tour at Rio Tinto and Monash University

Japanese interpreting support for technical exchange visit to Orica chemicals by Tokyo Water

Translation into Japanese of contractual documentation for 3XN Architecture

Japanese interpreting support for one week training of sales team by Velux Skylights.

Japanese interpreting support for one month team building and training project for UK/Aus/Japan teams. Octopus Energy.

Sales materials translated into Korean for Lucidchart.

Translation into Vietnamese of academic literature on Mango growing technology.

Translation into Ukrainian of Privacy Collection policy for HSP refugees.

Translation into Dari, Pashto (Afghan) and Dinka (South Sudanese) of media release form for Melbourne City Football Club. 

Online Japanese interpreting for quality meetings between Belgian tech co. and Japanese medical imaging co.

Translation of information on "How to Manage Distress" in Russian and Ukrainian.

Interpreting support for conferences between Japanese auto manufacturer and US legal advisors during settlement of class action lawsuit.

Translation into 15 languages of urgent advice on Cybersecurity incident affecting Global NGO - Amharic, Arabic, Bosnian, Croatian, Dari, Farsi, French, Swahili, Kurdish (Kurmanji), Oromo, Serbian, Somali, Tamil, Tigrinya and Vietnamese..

Translation into English of CONOPS for Japanese electric VTOL development company.

Quality audits of Chinese interpreting provided during the Star Casino Inquiry.

Quality checks of Chinese translations of contracts and MOU between Australian and Chinese Universities.

Simultaneous interpreting for Australia Japan Symposium on Critical minerals for climate change mitigation - Reducing risks in lithium supply chains.

Japanese interpreting support and cultural training for Snowy Hydro Hunter Power Project.

On site Japanese interpreting support for PMDA GMP audit for Australian manufacturer of cell and gene therapies.

Translation into Dari of advice letter for Red Cross Australia on changes to Australian Visa Rules.

Simultaneous interpreting over three months in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Hindi, Vietnamese and Arabic for  workshops and final online streamed  award ceremony for International Competition for Patient Support Groups.

Urgent translation into Dari, Farsi and Pashto of social media and web content advising Afghan migrants of people tracing services available during Afghan crisis.

Translation into English of Japanese judgement on divorce settlement.

Translation into eight languages (Arabic, Chinese, Greek Hindi, Italian, Punjabi and Vietnamese) of subtitles for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra 'Performance of a Lifetime' vaccine hesitancy video.

Checking Chinese translation of packaging for Frutips (nee Fruit Pastilles) for Peters.

Vietnamese interpreting support for neuropsychology telehealth appointments.

Urgent translation into English of medical reports to enable travel between Australia and Japan to support sick relative.

Translation of Japanese subtitles for Mayor's video message for the City of Port Philip - Obu Sister City relationship.

Translation of advice on mental health maintenance during distressing events into Arabic, Dari and Pashto.

Translation into Arabic, Dari and Vietnamese of brochure on NDIS funded physio-therapy services.

Simultaneous interpreting in Chinese, Tagalog and Vietnamese for online seminar on Hepatitis B.

Simultaneous interpreting in Chinese, Japanese and Korean for online webinar on rare cancers.

Five weeks onsite translation support for upgrade and commissioning of AVR system in NSW power station.

Online interpreting to assist Japanese auto manufacturer discuss potential legal liabilities with their Hawaii affiliate.

Certified German interpreting supporting Takata airbag matter in NSW Supreme Court.

Translation into French, Spanish and Arabic report and recommendations on COVID Lockdown impacts for Red Cross Global Migration Hub.

Translation into Dari, Hindi, Punjabi, Rohingya and Tamil of subtitles for video on 'Forced and Arranged Marriage in Australia'

Certified translation into English of numerous Japanese documents to support business migration.

Japanese onsite interpreting support for commissioning of materials handling software in major new distribution centre in Melbourne.

Translation of marketing brochures into Japanese and Korean for Fermentis, French yeast manufacturer.

Translation into eight languages (Chinese S&T, Greek, Italian, Arabic, Hindi, Vietnamese and Punjabi) of subtitles for the  Victorian Arts "Performance of a Lifetime" COVID vaccine advertisement.

Translation into Japanese of journal articles and blogpost summaries for Asia Pacific law firm.

Regular production of certified translations into Chinese and Arabic of product labels for Australian meat exporters.

Online training and go live support for Irish IT company launch of Japanese portal

Three years regular online interpreting between Japanese auto manufacturer and local legal counsel in Takata airbag class action.

Translation from Chinese to English of Material Safety Data Sheets.

Twelve weeks, five interpreters, onsite interpreting support for team of Japanese engineers supervising overhaul of gas turbine in Western Australia.

Seven weeks interpreting support (two weeks remote during quarantine and five on site) for Japanese engineer visiting Australia to supervise generator repairs at base load power station.

Production of Disaster Preparation Week Poster, and Social Media in five languages for Australia Red Cross.

Interpreting in Zoom meetings for APAC sales team major US software developer in negotiations with Japanese clients.

Translation from Japanese into English, and formatting of deck of 50+ architectural drawings for construction of automotive plastics injection plant to be built in Kita Kyushu Japan.

Translation into French of packaging text including ingredients for New Kit Kat variants.

Translation into Vietnamese of 30 page guide to managing COVID 19 during harvesting and packing for Australian Mango Industry Association.

Sight translation into Japanese of personal Will and Appointment of Medical Decision Maker documents prior to their being signed.

Translation from Japanese to English of four academic papers on fumigant residue in imported fruit and vegetables. 

Translation into 20 languages including Lingala (Congo) of mental wellness guidelines for people locked down during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Complete function and localisation testing of new Android mobile phone for Chinese mobile phone manufacturer.

Certified translations prepared of numerous personal documents for immigration processes - family registers (koseki) driver licences, notifications of birth, marriage and divorce certificates etc.

Urgent translation from German into English of documents supporting application by couple to travel to Germany to care of elderly parent during COVID-19 lockdown.

Translation into 19 Community Languages of COVID-19 guidelines.

Translation in 11 Community Languages (Arabic, Tamil, Vietnamese, Farsi, Urdu, Chin Hakha, Tagalog, Chinese x 2, Karen and Punjabi) of brochure on NDIS Early Childhood Early Intervention Program.

Translation into Chinese, Indonesian and Malay of documents for filing in foreign court over real state contract default.

Negotiation with overseas organisations for marketing of Australian Thoroughbred placenta extract.

Simultaneous interpreting for Ministerial Economic Dialogue - Ministers Birmingham, Canavan, and the Japanese Minister for Economy, Trade and Industry.

Interpreting support for onsite GMP audit of two pharmaceutical manufacturing plants in Japan.

Translation into Japanese of Share and Asset Purchase Agreement for Nippon paper Industries $1.7 bn acquisition of Orora Packaging.

Vietnamese interpreting support for regular parent - teacher interviews in Melbourne Primary School

Translation into Korean of three contracts for the implementation of metropolitan smartgrids in South Korea

Translation into Chinese of Australian-developed driverless car technology

Translation into Japanese of network security standards and laser light source maintenance guidelines for large format digital display

Japanese interpreting support for regular videoconferences to discuss engineering issues related to major Australian hydroelectric infrastructure project

Translation into Indonesian of 10,000 word report "Situational Analysis of Viral Hepatitis in Indonesia"

Provision of Japanese and Korean interpreting support for entry and exit meetings with Government representatives inspecting export table grapes and citrus fruits

Certified Translation of hundreds of different terms for export meat packers into Chinese, Arabic, Korean and Japanese

Onsite interpreting support for team of 20 Japanese engineers supervising complete overhaul and upgrade of turbine generator units at Bayswater power station NSW

Onsite interpreting support for Japanese representatives of Mitsubishi supervising overhaul of Gas Turbines at Alcoa Alumina Refinery Pinjarra WA

Transcreation of Japanese branding strategy for Australian craft beer

Frequently asked questions

0 Who is Chris Poole Translation?

We are based in Melbourne Australia. We have provided these services in any language, anywhere in the world since 1993, and we have an 80% repeat customer rate. Many companies make claims like this, and a website is no place to verify them. The best way is to let us scope and quote your requirement. You will soon see the difference.

1 How much does interpreting cost?

$100 per hour. Plus GST. We will prepare a firm quote only after confirming the detailed scope of the job, and the hourly rate may work out higher or lower accordingly.

2 How much does translation cost?

Every sentence in every document requires a different amount of work. We never quote until we see the actual text, or a representative sample. If it is confidential please contact us and we will set up a NDCA. Once we have this in place and we have seen the documents and confirmed the scope, we will get back to you promptly with a firm price and a delivery time.

3 Are you NAATI Certified?

Yes. We can provide Certified translations and send Certified interpreters as required. But it is not always required. Contact us to find out more.

4 What other services do you provide?

We translate documents of any type,  from and to any language, from 100,000 pages of discovery material in International Commercial Arbitration to tattoos. We provide onsite or remote interpreting support in any language anywhere in the world. From three month long power station overhauls, to 20 minute doctor's appointments.

We also perform quality audits of translations produced by others. Extremely important in court proceedings.

We provide cultural and language training, in market research, and coordination of travel, accommodation and office support for study tours and professionals.

5 What languages do you handle?

All of them. In 30 years we have done every language required of us, currently over 60 languages.

6 What are your special areas of expertise?

Our special area of expertise is "translation". Untangling strings of words in one language and reproducing them in another, accurately, faithfully, quickly and cheaply enough to have 80% of our clients come back to us repeatedly over the past 25 years. with no other source of income to support us. Please ask every one of our competitors if they can match that.

Our experience has largely been in engineering, law, medical research and pharmaceuticals, agriculture and food processing, but from the point of view of a translator it is all the same problem to be solved, with exactly the same obligation to satisfy our client, and with only preparation time (for which we do not charge) differing according to our experience.

One area in which we have been doing more and more work is Occupational Health and Safety in the workplace. More and more employers are improving their understanding of their legal obligations and we assist in ensuring safety information is presented in the correct language.

7 Do we pay extra for rush urgent jobs?

No! Our invoice to you is based on the value it adds to you, not on the inconvenience to us.

8 What do "translator" and "interpreter" mean?

Technically we are all translators, and whether written, spoken or signed it is all translation. By industry convention "Interpreting" is the translation of speech and is a subset or mode of translation.

9 Why should I use Chris Poole Translation?

Because we are the only translator provider that can prove to you that you have received exactly what you paid for.

Can you produce finished artwork?

Yes we have full design capability using InDesign and can produce print ready artwork based on your files of our translations.

Can you work remotely?

Yes we are happy to dial in and interpret via Zoom or whatever proprietary app you may have.

How frequently are these questions are asked?

Ah. Who knows? Perhaps never. It is a rhetorical device used in modern websites to give the impression that  people have frequently asked, providing a pretext for me to tell you something I think you need to know. Like a Dorothy Dixer in Parliament. It is a straw man. A lie. But I can tell that lie in 60 different languages. So everything circles back.

I notice that the NAATI stamp has an expiry date. Does that mean that the validity of the translation also expires?

No. This is quoted from NAATI: "The expiry date on the translation stamp relates to the translator’s credential, not the validity of the translation. All NAATI Certified Translators are required to recertify their credential every three years, and will receive an updated stamp indicating the new expiry date. Stamping of a translation indicates only that the translator held a valid NAATI certification at the time that the translation was made. The translation itself does not need to be re-stamped after the expiry date."

Is it true that you never close?

Why yes, that is correct. Our business hours are every hour of every day of the year. If you ring that number I (or someone as helpful) will answer and we will solve your problem.

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